Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheap World & US Wall Map

I spent hours (I bet at least six) trying to find a decent world map last year online. The cheapest I could find was about 10 bucks plus shipping.

And then I was walking in Office Depot yesterday and they sell them for only $4.95 and $5.95!

Just thought I would let anyone else know in case they are looking.

I know there are free maps out there too, but for those who don't have one....

PS I can't find this price online, it was only in the store.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

$15 for National Geographic Subscription-79% off the Cover Price

A good deal on a National Geographic subscription.

I got this last year for the kids, however I am the one who reads it the most. One day they will....

$15 is the lowest price I have seen.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Okay I am Just loving this site

If you are new to homeschooling and don't want to sift through tons of stuff, this site is a great start......


Pressure in Homeschooling

I have met and now read about a late reading child and how they turned into someone brilliant.

Some people ask me why homeschooling? Its articles like this that inspire me. I want my kids to love to learn. And I keep hearing from the veteran homeschooling moms, enjoy the younger years, read to them, let them soak up life. Plenty of time for pressure later.

And because of this while the Charlotte Mason approach was always quite interesting to me (for one I have read and believe Pre-K and heavy duty Kindergarten is detrimental) I ended up going with the Well Trained Mind approach. In a perfect world I might unschool (or at least let the curriculum be 100% child led), but there is some family pressure to produce results.

Pray for me, I have stepped off the boat these past 4 months (we started 1st grade in February, but hit the brakes in April) but I am ready to get back on.

Want to Feel Inspired About Homeschooling

Read this little poem. Awww.... Takes the pressure off.

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Homeschoolers-Buy This Stuff Now!

UPDATE: My favorite site ever is Southern Savers, she has an exhaustive post about school deals this week.

There are sales going on this week. This is the time of the year to stock up for homeschool. Boy do I hate paying full price in the middle of the year knowing full well I could of gotten it for a penny or a nickel during the summer sales! CVS gives away free stuff soon and even Walgreens has some deals like 2 for $1.00 Crayola Crayons (so much better than the dollar tree ones) this week.

Things to stock up on-for those new to homeschooling.

Glue Sticks
Posterboard (I paid full price last year after I ran out of my 5 for $1.00 Wags summer sale ones... it hurt so much to do that!)
Pencil Sharpeners
3 Hole Punch (quite handy for filing up binders of completed schoolwork)
Reams of Paper (see below at Office Max sale this week)
Rulers (those plastic ones break when using them as catapults for action figures)

Here is ARE the first sales at Staples and Office Max........

STAPLES AD 7/10-7/16
.50 2 pack of Mini composition books
.50 Mini clipboard
.50 Single Metal Holepunch
.50 Dividers 5 tab
.50 Plastic Ruler

OFFICE MAX, on page 9 of the Ad is a $5 off $25 coupon!
$1.00 Sharpies 12pk ($5 special price minus $4 in AD coupon)
.01 Ream of Paper after REWARDS ($5.99 Ream of Paper, get back $5.98 OfficeMaxRewards), Limit 2
.01 Plastic mini sharpeners, Limit 5
I am not an Office Max expert but if there is a way to hand them the $5 off $25 first and then the Sharpies $4 coupon you could do really REALLY well.