Monday, May 23, 2011

I would of been a terrible Ancient Egyptian Priest....

I am sorry but my life has been too weird lately for me to keep up with everything and that includes resalting our chicken mummy.
The smell finally starting leaking through its double ziplock bag layers. I think mummification for chickens is a cool idea, it just requires a lot of product; salt, baking powder and baking soda and..... TIME! I was supposed to resalt the bird every couple of days (every other day in the beginning).

Oh well........

Cool Looking Kid Spin Art

Here is a post I just found about doing some spin art in the house. This looks like fun without too many steps. Even though I am artistic, arts and crafts can be a bother with 3 kids and too many steps and not to mention a little one crying because you aren't holding him at that exact second:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Attention: Missing Gingerbread Boy!

We are missing a Gingerbread boy. He is about 5 inches tall, has 3 purple stars on his belly, 2 chocolate sprinkle eyes and 1 sprinkle mouth. (NOTE IN PICTURE HE IS THE ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE OF COOKIE SHEET)

He was last seen in a White GE Oven Model #7040 about 11:14am on the 200 Block of (BLOCKED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT) Trail.

According to one witness at the scene "He was the biggest Gingerbread that we made today".

Mrs. M-y, the homeowner, commented, "The timer had gone off and while my son was about to check and see if the cookies were burning, I noticed the kitchen door was slightly cracked open. I opened the oven door and he was gone. In all my years, I have never seen this happen".

The 3 M-y children all have their theories.
"Maybe he was eaten by the neighborhood hawk".
"Maybe he is in our brother's room".
"Maybe he run away with a leaf".

The homeowner also commented, "The bottom of the oven has been checked to see if he fell down, but there is no sign of him".

If anyone has information about this case please contact us right away. Or if anyone has eaten him, please let us know.

UPDATE: 5/20/11 The occupants suspect he is in the attic, however their mother isn't going up there to check.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Science Last Week

We learned about a third attribute of matter, particles! Part two of our discussion will discuss how liquid, gas and solid particles have different strengths of attraction between the molecules.

The kids loved part one of the lesson.
Blowing air into soapy water. Think of it air packages of air particles.
Going outside and gathering dirt and how small particles of dirt are even smaller (if we had a microscope we could go deeper).
Filing a rock to show sand particles.
Adding dirt to water to see the particles in the water and also smearing the dirt on a white piece of paper to see the particles.

They had a lot of fun getting wet, blowing bubbles and digging in the dirt.

God my kids have it good:) Amen we get to do stuff like this.

This month has been hard for me, so we are going a bit slower, just keeping up with Math and also reading more books when I have time. The kids really do love it. I can't recommend enough how important it is to read to your children.


Wilson Pickett

My kids love Wilson PIckett. Isn't that great?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ancient Egypt...But the execution of mummifying a chicken is quite different.

Oh my goodness, it seemed like such a cool idea reading about on the internet. But the execution of mummifying a chicken is quite different.

Day 6? Here it is... Its quite gross. Thank goodness it doesn't smell to much because we added cinnamon to the baking soda, baking powder and salt combination.

This week as part of our Ancient Egypt studies, DS#1 created a LEGO pyramid. That went well. You start off with 5 rows of 5. And then 4 rows of 4....

And finally as part of Saxon Math 1, DS#1 had to create a pattern (he pronounces it "patterin") with the math manipulatives (pattern blocks). He said "look mommy its a cross with Jesus on it". Awwww....