Monday, November 15, 2010

Making a Chicken Mummy

If you have the guts to make a mummy out of a chicken, watch one homeschooling mom's pictorial here!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Every Day and Neat Sites

Every day we change things on our red vinyl pocket chart. I found this at the dollar store I think.
Inside each pocket is something that changes often.
*The day of the week.
*The number of straws in our counting jar (we are on our way to 100).
*The letter of the week.
*The moon phase.
*The weather (sunny or rainy, so far).
*And all of our My Father's World Badges.

The moon phases by month. Since my kids don't stay up late enough to see the moon we can track its position with this. I right click and print it out each month.

When I surf the internet, I find neat homeschooling sites, but then my bookmarks get overwhelming. So I am officially dumping them here...

The Sun, Earth and Moon in rotation, very simple moving video.

How to Fold a Paper Boat, very easy to learn website for those who think they remember how to fold one until they get to the end and realize they made a triangle with flaps.

Cool government coloring books. Some by state, some by national park, some by subject. This is great for the smaller ones who need something to do while you are talking about something too advanced for their age.

Bible Rhymes and songs.
This is great for those songs, you don't know the words to.