Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still Homeschooling

How do we roll?

We have tried several things and this is what is working for us today.

Classical Conversations. It is the classical model of learning. Once a week, it's good for the mind and the kids enjoy it too. I have learned so much there, probably as much as the kids. Do you know the 7 wonders of the Ancient world, the Greek Roman gods or the Latin noun cases?

Virtual Public School. This can work for some. I think this is great for someone who doesn't have confidence in what they are teaching. Or those who need a lot of structure. If you already know what you are doing or what works best this may not work for you. It is straight up 5 hours a day though, sometimes 6-7.

My favorite curriculums at this point.

Saxon Math
Teach Your Child to Read in 100 EZ Lessons (Or 150 if you have active boys).
First Language Lessons by Wise (you can do this at the breakfast table with all ages)
Building Scientific Foundations for Understanding
Handwriting without Tears (moves slower but is less intimidating for those hate to write)
Spelling Workout by Modern Curriculum Press (this pretty much stays on target with what the PS is teaching)

Good luck.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visual Latin Giveaway

There is an awesome giveaway going on over at Home Educating Family Magazine.

It is a giveaway for Visual Latin.

We currently are using Song School Latin in the home but some visual reinforcement (other than the workbook).

So head on over and sign on up!