Monday, September 19, 2011

Review-Lego City #7286 Police Transport & Lego City #3366 Satellite Launch Pad

I was officially inducted into the unofficial Lego club around here today. For the first time we built a Lego City set. It was like putting together Ikea furniture but with detailed color directions. I received today from Son#2, "I love you". Maybe I earned his sentiment because I probably spent 3 hours putting these together. I found these on Amazon so I could show you, but we bought ours at Target.

When you open the package for the boxes there are 2 baggies of Legos, bag#1 and bag#2. DON'T MIX THEM TOGETHER! :) You make these Lego projects in stages. So first off we did bag #1. I am in my late thirties and have a college degree so together with my 6 year old son who had the Lego Police Transport package we were able to do this quite easily. Occasionally I had to snap the smaller pieces together. The windscreen was a little difficult to snap on but I found if you stretched it and then pushed down it would go in.

For the Lego City Satellite project we put together the vehicle first. Son#2 is five and he was pretty good at looking at the picture and figuring out where to put things. He needed more help than the six year old snapping the smaller pieces together. I will say that even though the red coffee cup is on the dashboard in the color photo on the box, it does not fit there and that is why in the instruction book the coffee cup is next to the computer that fits on the track in the back.

Details: Ages 5-12
Cost: About $20
Time: 1-2 hours (but you can do it in 2 parts which I did)
Fun Rating: 5 stars, I can't believe they focused for so long. There was a little wandering in part 2 this afternoon but they pulled it together.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Braves

The Braves won, they got 7 points. The other team lost they got one.

Mommy did you know if the balls comes into the people you get to keep the ball?

At the end the fireworks shot out of the green bottle. (BIG SMILE HERE)>

There was a man yelling stuff at the players and it was really funny.